Photographs as digital archival prints, Silkscreened scrolls with watercolor and metallic leaf, Material installation
Tweed Museum of Art – Studio Gallery

An installation-specific body of work dealing with the histories and contemporary attitudes toward artists’ materials, ascribing new metaphors based on motive as inspired by the appropriation of myths to explain psychology (such as the archetypes of Carl Jung).
Reception featured live performance by improvisational cellist Kathy McTavish with similar recorded accompaniment during the following days. (

Show Statement

As my work began to focus on motives and how we act upon them, it naturally linked with my interest in material and process. In both studies I reflect upon the origins of what end results become apparent and our perceptions thereof. As every glimpse of motive will have meaning we must individually interpret, I am engaged in ascribing meaning to even the most basic components that I undertake. It may limit my palette while my repertoire slowly grows, but knowing as much as possible about what passes through my hands means more to me than having every color under the sun in reach while feeling as though I ask favors of strangers.

In exploring the histories, mythologies, and contemporary attitudes surrounding the materials I slowly crafted new metaphors that fit my own subject matter. Just as old myths are appropriated into explaining psychological subjects and the nature of something as basic as “string” may illustrate a scientific theory, the pigments I choose are given new chapters of meaning with intentional use.

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